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Kerry Christopher




“One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.”

                - Antoine de St. Exupery, The Little Prince


When people seek counseling, often times they are stuck and are unable to move from the depth of their issues. In getting right to the heart of the matter without being offensive, I assist people in seeing what has been unclear, confusing, frustrating, unsatisfying, or undiscovered!


As a psychotherapist and spiritual mentor, I will explore with you as you enter into the layers of your thoughts, emotions, and essence. The journey inward is a dramatic adventure and as in most adventures, much is discovered. The real self is often covered with layers of beliefs and perhaps pain that hides the true self from expression, creativity, enjoyment and satisfaction. The true self is not full of “coulda, shoulda, woulda, if only” and “what if’. These gather like weeds and at times have their origins in childhood.


The journey to freedom is a step at a time and my approach is gentle and honest. If this is what you are looking for (I know it is what you deserve), then I would be honored to walk with you as you begin or continue this exploration. I delight in working with adolescents and adults, including couples and families, and look forward to meeting with you. 


 "Even our misfortunes are a part of our belongings.”

                - Antoine de St. Exupery, Night Flight

Cynthia [ Cindi ] Clark


“When you are generous with your spirit, then you become medicine.”


My name is Cindi Clark and I have been doing this work for over 25 years.  I consider myself to be a systems therapist, which means I like to take a look at all the systems that effect who we are today; including our family of origin, the families we currently choose to be apart of, our communities, school settings, work settings, our spiritual settings etc..  By looking at these systems, we can better understand who we are and where particular problems and strengths originate.


I view chemistry between client and therapist as being one of the most important elements in therapy.  Feeling comfortable and safe is absolutely critical if one is to move into deeper levels of work.  I am very direct and will share what I know about a particular subject, but I am not the expert here, you are.  It's your body and you know better than anyone what makes sense for you.


I believe our bodies, minds, and spirits are intimately one and that by focusing our awareness on all of these areas, long lasting and effective change can take place.  I believe there are many ways to find a solution.  By tapping into our creative, intuitive selves, strengths that are already present, become more conscious, allowing us to find the clearest path to ourselves.  Therapy can be some of the hardest work of our lives, but it is such good work.  It would be my honor to walk with you as you explore, struggle, and find the healthiest path to yourself. 

Christine [Chris] Lerner

My specialites include EMDR, clinical hypnotherapy, and Emotional Freedom technique. I have an extensive background in working with issues related to trauma and assisting those struggling with relationships.

Kate Monnett
Kate photo 1.jpg

Change isn't easy. Neither is recognizing that you're human, and that life is sometimes messy and occasionally painful and overwhelming. Let's sort it out... together.

Beginning a relationship with a counselor is a brave and positive step toward overall wellness. You're honoring the "mental" in the "physical, spiritual, mental" health trinity, and that is a pretty amazing thing. My goal as a therapist is to bring experience, concern, expertise, clarity and action to conversations we have. I hope to guide and support your journey toward healing and wholeness. You are worth it.

My practice is varied and diverse; I see both young adults and adults for reasons including divorce, relationship concerns, grief, depression, anxiety, trauma, life changes big and small and many others. I promise to provide a safe and nurturing environment where each person is supported in their efforts to grow, as well as to become reconnected to their inner wisdom, strength and dreams. They're all there, within us; we just need a little help to find them sometimes. 

I have been involved in the counseling field since 2009. After the unexpected death of my husband in 2015 I took some time away to focus on my young children and to heal myself, with my own team of helpers. Navigating the path through the deepest grief and coming out the other side have strengthened my practice, and also inspired my decision to seek my Grief Support Specialist certification. I now strive to live every day as my best self and I hope to help each client define, find and live the very best version of themselves, too.

The journey starts here.

Andrea [ Andi ] Patz



‘It is art that makes life, makes interest, makes importance…and I know of no substitute whatever for the force and beauty of its process’ – Henry James


My name is Andi and I have been an art therapist for over 12 years. Yet long before I became an art therapist, I learned that each of us, regardless of age, has had experiences that cannot be put into words. It is either because they are too intangible, too terrible, too shameful, too difficult to describe, too frightening or are literally unspeakable. Art therapy provides a safe, age-appropriate and non-threatening way to give these experiences a voice.


Art therapists believe that ‘the creative process involved in making art is healing and life-enhancing’. Its applications are limitless, though frequently addresses anxiety and depression, trauma, loss, other mental and physical illness, addiction, cognitive and neurological problems, domestic violence and abuse, and family and relationship issues of clients of all ages. The creative process in art therapy is also a path towards greater self-awareness and self-esteem, problem-solving and conflict resolution, insight and organization, personal development, empowerment and wellness.  Regardless of previous experience with art, there is a place within art therapy for each of us.


In my approach to art therapy, the therapeutic relationship is of utmost importance. It is a partnership and it needs to feel safe. It is also a relationship like no other, one that is focused solely on you and your growth and healing. I see my role as that of a guide or conduit, one who will join you on your journey in therapy. We will use art as a method of communication, assessment and treatment. I also use other modalities, such as therapeutic play, writing, breath-work and verbal psychotherapy to meet your specific needs. I trust the creative process and have seen over and over how our art can speak to us, teach us, and show us what we have been missing all along.


If this unique approach sounds right for you or your child, please contact me.


‘Art is a way of knowing’ – Pat B. Allen

Laura Schulz LCSW

Hello! I am the owner and administrative staff of Encompass. From gathering information about you or a family member in the initial phone call, to partnering you up with a psychotherapist that best meets your needs, to assisting you with insurance and payment issues, my goal is to make the entire experience as stress free as possible.  I are readily available to answer questions you have regarding the counseling process, information about the psychotherapists, or billing concerns. Give us a call and I can guide you on the best path to a healthier you.


Jan Van Natta LCSW

I believe that people deserve to live the best life possible they can and be the best possible person they can be. In your session I provide a safe, comfortable, nurturing, non judgemental space to help you explore what has limited you from achieving this and help you open up to new thoughts, beliefs, and ideas. I can provide a spiritual aspect to bring extra understanding to situations in your life and the world around you. Empowering you to be the best possible you brings me great joy.

I have been a therapist and life coach for over 25 years. I enjoy working with individuals, couples, and families. I have a background in working with issues such as depression, anxiety, life changes and grief. I have also trained in EMDR and relaxation.


Meet Our Team

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