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     Small Changes,

                 Infinite Growth.



Our Space is Your Safe Space
Encompass, Inc. has been commited to providing compassionate, client centered psychotherapy, medication management, coaching, and support since our beginning in 1993. Our idea of therapy involves improving the quality of life. We view everyday difficulties not as disease, but as adversities, and adversity as a teacher. By learning to move with life's flow of energy rather than against it, personal struggles become an invitation to growth, a call to change, allowing for a more consistent path to health.
The pull toward the journey of finding ourselves usually starts with a painful experience, i.e. divorce, stress at work, a traumatic event. This pain, if viewed correctly, can be the portal to personal enrichment; but navigating these difficulties can be overwhelming. This is where Encompass can help.
Encompass is committed to a postive, client-therapist partnership where care, therapy, and course of action are determined by the specific needs of the individual. We are a collective team of clinicians who are dedicated to assisting clients to achieve their specific mental health goals. We strive to build on existing strengths in order to obtain emotional well being.
Our therapists at Encompass offer a wide variety and diverse repertoire of expertise and knowledge. Our nurse practitioner provides psychiatric services from a holistic perspective. A brief screening process allows each client to be professionally partnered with the best therapist in order to meet specific goals and needs.

Individually Focused Therapy For Health

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